Are you HAPPY with yourself??

Think about this for a moment…

Are you happy with yourself  **RIGHT NOW**?

Not: “I’ll be happy when I lose 5 pounds”
Not: “I’ll be happy when I earn 6 figures”
Not: “I’ll be happy when I find a boyfriend”
Not: “I’ll be happy when I pay off all of my debt”


Flaws and all…

People often forget that happiness is a CHOICE. SUCCESS is a choice as well.

I encourage you to take a look at your life after reading this post and COMMIT to getting to the core of whatever it is that is holding you back. It’s time to PUSH PAST all of the things that have been holding you back. Happiness and success is on the other side of your excuses!

1: IDENTIFY YOUR EXCUSES: What excuses have you been giving yourself as to why you “can’t be happy”? Briefly look back on your past but don’t you DARE stay there. The goal is to use your past as a MOTIVATOR, and NOT as a “poor me”. What excuses are you telling yourself?? Write those down! (Write down 3-5)

2: HOW ARE YOU FEELING: Take a moment to sit and actually FEEL what it’s like to be aware of those excuses you tell yourself. If it is unpleasant, AWESOME! In order to GROW, you have to get uncomfortable. Remember, the past is GONE… stop carrying that baggage around, it’s time to GROW.

3: SWITCH IT UP: Look at the list of excuses you have written down and CROSS THOSE SUCKERS OUT. I encourage you to MAKE THE DECISION that today is the LAST day that you EVER allow yourself to speak those excuses. Today is the day we set NEW outcomes for your life.

4: TURN EXCUSES INTO EXECUTION: For every single “excuse” that you wrote down, I want you to replace that with a POSITIVE ACTION ITEM that you can use to crush those limiting beliefs NOW.

(Example: If you currently believe that you can not be successful because you don’t have enough time, write down where you can carve in an extra hour of your day whether it be getting up earlier or going to bed later.)

5: RE-AFFIRM YOUR OUTCOME: Now that your excuses are long gone and you have actionable items, its time to OWN IT. What is your outcome for the next 30,60, 90 days?

What goals would you write down if you knew that you could not fail??


Write down EVERY detail that comes to your mind. The more clear you can make your goals, the faster you will know if you are on the right path or if you have taken a detour to Excuseville.

6: STEP IT UP: OK, now that you have written down your new goals…. GO BIGGER.

Let’s be honest, you played it safe with #5 didn’t you?? Trust me, I understand that it is easy to let your mind monkeys get in the way of achieving your goals, but this time is different. THINK BIG! Take the new goals you just wrote down and THINK BIGGER!

7: PREPARE FOR SPEED BUMPS: One thing that I want you to remember is, things DO NOT always work out as planned. (Welcome to this thing we call “life”) Let’s prepare for the “what if’s”. The reason for doing this is so that you do not get sent into a tailspin IF and WHEN adversity pops up.

How are you going to handle your spouse telling you that you should “get a real job”? How are you going to handle it if an unexpected bill comes up? Although we do not want to dwell on the “what if’s”, if we are PREPARED… life is a lot easier.

Remember the movie Bad Boys with Will Smith? We need to find your “WOOOSAHHHH” so that you can laugh at adversity moving forward.

8: YOU HAVE TO GIVE IN ORDER TO RECEIVE: What are you willing to GIVE UP in order to finally become relentless in the pursuit of your dreams?

Are you prepared to miss parties? To spend weekends alone? Regardless of what your outcome is, be aware that it is going to take massive effort for you to get past those limiting beliefs. Are you prepared to GIVE up in order to MOVE up?

9: ENVIRONMENT IS EVERYTHING: Who are you surrounding yourself with? In order to fulfill your new obligations to yourself, you want to make sure that you are surrounded by POSITIVE PEOPLE. Be aware of gossip and DO NOT participate.

You know that saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say”? REMEMBER THAT and be AWARE of the words you are using. Your subconscious mind is ALWAYS listening.

Is your house full of junk food? Is your car dirty??? If the answer is YES… you know what you have to do. Don’t expect to reach your goals if you have open loops all over your life.

Environment is EVERYTHING!

Seek out and follow mentors who are living the life you want to live. Study them. Implement their principles that resonate with you. FIND AN ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER AND/OR A MENTOR.

10: ACT AS IF: Let’s be honest, adapting to new beliefs can be SCARY. Being scared is OK, as long as you do not STAY scared. When you begin to doubt yourself, ACT AS IF YOU ARE **ALREADY** THE PERSON YOU WANT TO BECOME.

Would the future FIT you be eating ice cream at Midnight? Would the future SUCCESSFUL you spend hours in front of the TV? Would the future LOVING you be screaming at their children?

Remind yourself that the NEW version of you does not have time to remain scared!

11: HONOR YOUR COMMITMENTS: You DESERVE to live the life you have always dreamed of!

It’s EASY to make excuses when no one is around. It’s easy to say, “I will just do that later” if no one is holding your feet to the fire.

When those excuses come up, I want you to remember this:

“Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.”― Anonymous


12: FAIL FORWARD: When things take a turn for the worst and your plan does not seem to be working, FAIL FORWARD. What is the lesson you can learn from things going South? How can you use your failures as stepping stones to reach your desired outcome? Who can you share your story with about how you were able to SUCCEED?

When things don’t go as planned, it is easy to fall back into the victim mentality, we all do it from time to time. From here on out, I encourage you to create a TESTIMONY from each TEST.

13: SCHEDULE “ME TIME”: Working hard to achieve goals is always fun, at the same time, it is easy to burn yourself out. Make sure that in your pursuit of your new life, you take time for YOU. Do something EVERY SINGLE DAY for YOU!

This could be 5 minutes of reading or meditation, a walk with your significant other, a bubble bath, a movie with the family. Whatever it is that makes you take a deep breath and say, “AHHHHHHHHHHH, I needed this”… DO THAT!

All of the money in the world won’t matter if YOU aren’t working at your best possible potential.

14: BE PRESENT EVERY DAY: Wherever you are, BE THERE. As you are chasing your goals, it is really easy to get caught up in “what you want that you do not yet have”.This robs you of the CURRENT experience.

Just because we are no longer focused on the past, does NOT mean that we now need to become obsessed with the future.


And NOW…

And NOW…

The more you sit and worry about that “might happen” is the less that you are able to actually enjoy the process that you are going through now. I encourage you to keep a daily journal of the next 30,60,90 days. I have a feeling you are not going to recognize yourself when you look back.

15: BE GRATEFUL AND HAVE FUN: Each day that we wake up is another reason to give THANKS! It does not matter if you go to church weekly or don’t believe in religion at all.


Be as grateful for the negative as you are positive! It’s not the destination that holds the most weight, it is the JOURNEY to get there.

Learn to laugh… EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Also, don’t be afraid to also feel mad, sad, confused, overwhelmed either. (just don’t hang out there too long)

When you begin to doubt yourself, refer back to #10 and ACT AS IF.

Write down today’s date because if you are TRULY ready yo BE HAPPY NOW, you will remember today as the day that your entire life changed…

Now it is time to TAKE ACTION! You can read the 15 tips listed above and think, “that SOUNDS GOOD” or you can take a few minutes right now to COMMIT to dropping those excuses that you had before you read this.

“You never know what’s around the corner. It could be everything. Or it could be nothing. You keep putting one foot in front of the other, and then one day you look back and you’ve climbed a mountain.”
― Tom Hiddleston