Hi, I’m Tar’Lese and I teach people how to turn their bucket lists into LIVED lists.

As a Certified Holistic Life Coach, Certified Stress Management Coach and Certified Brain Fitness Coach I work with Entrepreneurs who want to:

  • Get out of their current slump
  • Stop feeling stressed out and start living life to the fullest
  • Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello plans that work
  • Get off the hamster wheel that has kept them stuck for so long
  • Connect with a community of motivated people who want more out of life

Do any of those bullet points sound like you? If so, you are in the right place!

I believe that it is possible to have success in ALL areas of your life, without additional stress and worry.

Because when you do, you’ll have more time with family, less worry about what’s next and a community to support you along the way.

I became a Certified Holistic Life Coach after personally being in and out of the hospital because of addiction, poor food choices and mental pain I’d personally gone through after my mother committed suicide.

Losing 80 pounds taught me just how important my health was and now  I want to share that knowledge with others.

I became a Certified Stress Management Coach after facing multiple adversities in my own life some of which I have listed below. It has now become my mission to teach others how to have more fun in life without the additional stress in their own lives

I became a Certified Brain Fitness Coach after realizing just how very powerful we are as human beings, the subconscious mind is such a beautiful thing.


I have “Walked my walk” so to speak. Now, I want to save YOU time and energy by teaching you how to accomplish YOUR dreams without the added stress.

I had obstacles that tried to stop me, but I couldn’t be stopped… Neither can YOU.

And I had plenty of reasons to throw in the towel:
•I’ve been homeless
•I’ve had to voluntarily repossess my car
•I’ve been laid off (fired) from my job
•My birth father died of a heart attack
•I once sold my own bed for money
•My birth mother committed suicide
•Incurable cancer doesn’t just run in my family – it gallops
•I’ve been in and out of the hospital – sometimes for months at a time
•I’ve been near-death from a car accident that forced me into rehab for months
•I’ve been almost 100 pounds overweight
•I’ve been in an abusive relationship


I don’t say these things as a sort of checklist on how hard my life is compared to yours. It’s not a competition. I’m telling you these things because any one of them would be a valid and understandable excuse not to reach for the things I wanted.

I’m not going to lie to you, change can be hard. It’s so easy to lapse back into being a victim. I didn’t just hit rock bottom, I crashed into it and started to dig.

But I bounced back. I overcame. I clawed my way up and you can too.

 I’d like to show you how.

Are you ready for more fun and less stress?

To me, “More fun and less stress” includes walks along the beach, a hot yoga class, meditation, dinner with girlfriends, anything Unicorn related and serving my clients and tribe the best I possibly can.

It starts with realizing that the best time to change your life is NOW and then understanding that there are 3 main areas of your life that determine whether you live an extraordinary life or an ordinary one and those are:










Let’s take them one by one and talk about improving these key areas of YOUR


Everyone usually focuses on the money, but what good is all the money in the world if you’re tired and sluggish and don’t have any energy or hate looking in the mirror in the morning? What if the very FACT that you weren’t taking care of your body was responsible for you lacking in other areas of life too, like relationships or finances? If this area slips, ALL areas slip.

Trust me, it’s not like when I was overweight and drinking all the time that I had the best finances in the world or the best relationships. In fact, it was quite the opposite: I was BROKE and I was in ABUSIVE relationships. Because I wasn’t taking care of ME first. When I started taking care of my body, my finances changed and I found my king  of a husband who treats me like a queen and because we know how important this area is, we take time EVERY SINGLE WEEK to prep our meals, exercise and checking in to make sure we’re staying accountable on living healthy lifestyles.

Don’t know how to get started in this area or super overwhelmed by figuring out your own meal plans and exercise programs? No problem, just CLICK HERE and you can consult with me one on one to get a game plan for designing the body you’ve always wanted without stress, pain or guilt.

Try to get ANYTHING you want with the negative mind monkeys running around in your head all day and you’ll be on a surefire path to getting the opposite. Our thoughts become things so the true work we’re doing starts in the mind starts with us being able to upgrade our brains in addition to our bodies and bank accounts.

It was back when I had the most negative mental chatter that the most “problems” seemed to show up in my life and it was like I couldn’t get a break no matter where I turned. Bad boiled down to worse. When my back was finally up against a wall, I began to understand that there was nothing OUTSIDE of me that was going to change things for me. It was up to ME! And it would have to start from inside. I’d have to be willing to look through a completely different lens at the world around me, and although I knew it wasn’t necessarily going to be an easy journey, I sucked it up and took the first step.

Have negative thoughts held you back? We need to work to get those turned around COMPLETELY and have you believing in yourself before you set out to accomplish your dreams. Otherwise, it’ll be an uphill battle against yourself that you’ll never win. You can learn how to destroy those negative mind monkeys from day one and take action towards designing a life you’re excited about waking up for every day.

Your bank account can either be a scary subject, one you want to avoid, or something you think of as a fun game, something you’re always leveling up. The latter is the way I see mine.

Money isn’t everything but we DO live in a world where you need it, and LOTS of it. Want to know something even MORE important? You also need to LOVE WHAT YOU DO to MAKE that money! You don’t want to be a slave to a job you hate and you don’t want to be building a business that is going exactly nowhere.

You want what I want: a flourishing business that gives you financial freedom so that you’re simply not limited by anything. Let’s leave it at that! And I’m right there with you! I’ve been on both sides of the fence and am grateful that I’ve come out on the other side and am able to empower others out there to fulfill their financial destinies as well. CLICK HERE to start working with me one on one and we’ll craft YOUR stress free plan that will help you step into a truly free life sooner than later.

Make the commitment to yourself today to say “I refuse to let this negativity and adversity in my life.”  Unlike waves that gnash against rocks and wear them down over time, you’ll continue to stand tall – a beacon of hope, truth, and determination. And I’ll be there by your side every step of the way.

I’m ready to help you light that fire.

Are YOU ready?

If you are, CLICK HERE to get started